The Terms and Policies of the Musical Mamas Society are as follows:

Logo, content, products, publications and all broadcasts are the exclusive property of Musical Mamas Society and can not be duplicated and distributed without written permission from the Musical Mamas Society.

Membership: Regular Musical Mamas Members are not required to be voted in. Membership fees are $20.00 per year. Membership is open to all ages and persons identifying as females only. 

Musical Mamas B.E.A.T  Applications are reviewed and approved by majority vote by the Musical Mamas Society Board, Vote is accepted by proxy. Musical Mamas B.E.A.T. Membership is renewed annually with the payment of $360.00 plus $20 per B.E.A.T member greater than 10 . Musical Mamas B.E.A.T. Memberships who are six months in arrears will be given suspension status, coached and supported by the Director for an additional 6 months and closed or transferred as required for whatever reason. Three or more women must collectively apply for the Musical Mamas B.E.A.T. Membership includes start up manual, and program manuals, digital materials and webpage. Special Offers and competitions for Musical Mamas B.E.A.T. Members will be continually developed and offered. A Musical Mamas B.E.A.T may be canceled in writing by post or email to the Musical Mamas Society Board. Full Refund is available only if no material has been shipped.

*Terms and Policies may change without notice*