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NEXT MEETING : March 19,  2019

7-9 pm  Parkdale Cromdale Hall 

11335-85 St.   Edmonton, Alberta 

Society REG#     5021311138


MMS Support Meeting Schedule Season 5

Wed. April 17th 2019 (7-9 pm) 


May 15th 2019 (7-9 pm)

MMS Support Meeting Schedule

Season 6  #rd Wed of the Month ~!

Sept 18 2019
Oct.16 2019 
Nov. 20 2019
Jan 15 2020
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Mar 18 2020
April 15 2020
May 20 2020

The creation of music enriches community connectivity and is therapeutic for both the mind and body. Female musicians of all levels of expertise experience a variety obstacles that deter musical paths, decreases quality of life and prevents too much music from being created. Musical Mamas Society was founded to provide a grass roots gateway for all musical people identifying as women of all ages, styles, and levels of skill to have safe, supported opportunities and secure space to create, record, perform and advance their individual musical journeys, fortified with positive peer support and self-led learning.

Learn Leadership Skills Learn Leadership Skills Learn Leadership Skills~! Bring Musical Options to Your Commuity for Musical Women~!